RF Modules KH3 RF Receiver decoder

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The KH2 Series is ideally suited for volume usein OEM applications such as remote control /command and key less entry. It combines high-performance RF receiver with an on-board decoder. When paired with a matching KH2Series transmitter / encoder module, Neurotransmitter, or LC or LR Series transmitter and Holt HT640 encoder combination, a highly reliable wireless link is formed that is capable of transferring the status of eight parallel inputs for distances of up to 3000 feet. Ten tree-state address lines provide 59,049 (310)different addresses for security and uniqueness. House din a compact SMD package, the KH2 module utilizes an advanced synthesized architecture to achieve an unmatched blend of performance, size, range and cost. No external RF components are required except an antenna, making design integration straightforward

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165,000 تومان