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The FC20 is a series of cost-effective and high-performance Wi-Fi & BT IoT modules, with an ultra-compact form factor of 16.6mm × 13.0mm × 2.05mm. The FC20 uses surface-mount technology – ideal for durable and rugged designs – and the compact LCC package allows for large-scale automated manufacturing, which can have strict requirements on cost and efficiency, and means it can be easily embedded into size-constrained devices to provide them with reliable connectivity. The module also benefits from low power consumption, a wide operating temperature range and stable SDIO interface.

The FC20 series consists of two variants (FC20 and FC20-N) which can be adapted to different application scenarios. The FC20 must be used in combination with Quectel’s EC21, EC25, EC20 R2.1 and EG25-G modules, and can be used to serve a wide range of IoT applications such as automotive, security, industrial PDA, MiFi and healthcare.


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450,000 تومان