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4G Module for t Camera

4G Module for 2MP Camera


920,000 تومان

4G Module for 2MP Bullet Camera

The ideal video camera for places that can not be reached with Wi-Fi such as boats, cottages, playgrounds, parking!

Swivel Full HD (1920×1080) camera with integrated 3G or 4G / LTE transmission. The camera is suitable for outdoor use (IP66) and has a pan / tilt mechanism that can be controlled via the smartphone.

The zoom function, which can also be remotely controlled, offers 4x magnification.

The built-in night vision LEDs have a range of about 50 meters.

Various alarm activations can be set. When moving, the camera will either send a photo to an e-mail address or photos and videos will be uploaded to an FTP server. Furthermore, the videos can also be stored on an SD card up to 128GB. A program takes over the time control, if recordings are to be stored over a period of time, regardless of the alarm.

Thanks to the P2P technology, the camera can be set up in a few minutes. The videos can be retrieved over all mobile networks regardless of the local network.

With this camera, you are completely independent of wireless networks or local area networks by providing a built-in 3G or 4G / LTE transmission module.

Please note that the Wi-Fi function is used exclusively for setting up the camera.

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920,000 تومان